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Which Hops Have a Tobacco Earthy Aroma?

Earthy Hops

Try these hops types which include a tobacco earthy aroma:

VarietyAroma Wheel PlacementDescription
Admiral (UK)Citrus, Tobacco/Earthy, HerbalPleasant, resinous hop aroma with hints of citrus (orange) and herbal flavors
AhtanumCitrus, Floral, Tobacco/EarthyFloral, earthy, citrus and grapefruit tones
EKG (UK)Floral, Spicy, Tobacco/EarthySmooth and delicate with floral, lavender, spice, honey, earth, lemon and thyme overtones
FuggleFruity, Tobacco/Earthy, GrassyMild wood and fruit characteristics
MilleniumFloral, Tobacco/Earthy, HerbalMild and resinous with floral and herbal tones
Mt. HoodSpicy, Tobacco/Earthy, HerbalMild, herbal and somewhat pungent or spicy
Northern BrewerTobacco/Earthy, PineMedium intensity, pine and mint characteristics
SaazSpicy, Tobacco/EarthyMild spice and earth tones
SimcoeCitrus, Tobacco/Earthy, PineUnique passionfruit, pine, earth and citrus characteristics
SummitCitrus, Spicy, Tobacco/EarthyDistinct spice, earthy, onion, garlic and citrus (pink grapefruit, orange and tangerine) tones
Tettnang (GR)Floral, Tobacco/Earthy, HerbalMild and pleasant with balanced earthy, herbal and floral aroma impressions
WGV (UK)Floral, Tobacco/Earthy, HerbalFresh earthy, botanical and floral flavors