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Which Hops Have a Herbal Aroma?

Herbal Hops

Try these hops types which include a herbal aroma:

VarietyAroma Wheel PlacementDescription
Admiral (UK)Citrus, Tobacco/Earthy, HerbalPleasant, resinous hop aroma with hints of citrus (orange) and herbal flavors
EquinoxCitrus, Herbal, Tropical FruitA pronounced aroma profile with citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics. Specific descriptors include lemon, lime, papaya, apple, and green pepper.
GlacierHerbalPleasant hop aroma
HallertauFloral, Spicy, HerbalMild and pleasant, yet spicy, with herbal and floral characteristics
MilleniumFloral, Tobacco/Earthy, HerbalMild and resinous with floral and herbal tones
Mt. HoodSpicy, Tobacco/Earthy, HerbalMild, herbal and somewhat pungent or spicy
Northern Brewer (GR)Floral, HerbalMedium intense herbal and floral tones
NuggetSpicy, HerbalMild and pleasant with spicy, herbal tones
PalisadeStone Fruit, Herbal, GrassyApricot, grass and clean floral charcteristics
PerleFloral, Spicy, HerbalSlightly spicy with herbal and floral characteristics
SantiamFloral, Spicy, HerbalSlightly spicy with herbal and floral characteristics
Sorachi AceCitrus, Herbal, GrassyUnique lemon and dill characteristics
Tettnang (GR)Floral, Tobacco/Earthy, HerbalMild and pleasant with balanced earthy, herbal and floral aroma impressions
VanguardFloral, HerbalHerbal and floral tones
WarriorCitrus, Herbal, PineMild and resinous with subtle citrus, pine and herbal characteristics
WGV (UK)Floral, Tobacco/Earthy, HerbalFresh earthy, botanical and floral flavors