Sell Hops Online Australia

You can grow your marketshare and increase your profit margins by selling your hops online on

Classifieds on

You can list hops for free in the classifieds. There are no charges for sales being completed in the classifieds.

Retailing and Wholesaling on

You can also list hops for free with a registered business vendor account. When you list your hops for sale on, you can attract more customers who will see your hops, not only on, but also in other marketplaces like Google Shopping.

Register and confirm your email, then sign up as a vendor to sell retail to the public or to sell wholesale to other businesses. When you register as a vendor, you’ll need to have your business details handy, including your abn. If you want to sell hops for wholesale purchase only, just tick the wholesale category box when you list them.

As a vendor, you can make use of the credit card gateway to charge customers when they buy your hops. charges a low fee equal to 5% of the total transaction value so that you, the vendor, can have more money available to pay your costs like goods, packaging and postage. By charging low merchant fees, allows vendors like you to improve your profit margins or to grow your market share by listing your items at competitive prices. is a marketplace with great scope for helping businesses like

  • primary producers including hops producers like hops farmers and nurseries,
  • wholesalers including agricultural product wholesalers, cereal grain wholesalers, hops wholesalers, commission based wholesalers, importers and sales agents,
  • specialised food and hops retailers including store based retailers like home-brew supplies stores, and non-store retailers and retail commission based buyers and sellers like drop shipping businesses

to list their products for sale to their target markets.